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Comments: After my original orthopedist retired, and my next one switched offices, Dr. true was suggested to me, and I couldn't have been more satisfied with my experiences with him. He recently did my hip replacement, and he did such an outstanding job. From the first conversation about the possibility of having it done to my post-operation visit he's been professional, kind, knowledgeable, honest, and straightforward. Dr. True is thorough, but concise. I would recommend him to anyone in need of an orthopedist.

~ Robert W ~


Comments: I'm giving a five star rating for Dr True. I recently had a hip replacement surgery and the care, professionalism, and bedside manner were first-rate. I had my surgery on Monday Nov 26 and now it's Sat December 1 and I feel my recovery is what's expected and is what Dr True told me it would be. I'm very happy with the progress thus far and I am highly confident that it was a wise choice to do the replacement. The hospital where I had the surgery done, Christ Liberty- was top-notch. Great job by Dr True and the Staff at Liberty

~ Chris R ~


Comments: Dr. True performed a double hip replacement for me five years ago this Thanksgiving. The surgery changed my life for the better. I have had no complications with the procedure. He was also the first Dr that diagnosed exactly why I needed this procedure. I had been trying to get this surgery done for over 12 years when I walked into Dr Trues office. Yes, over 12 years of pain. Dr. True said: “how about next week”. What a blessing this Dr. was for my family and I . . . and yes, he’s a Christian man and not afraid to admit it.

~ Darrel GW ~


Comments: Dr. True is a wonderful surgeon. He is also compassionate and listens very carefully to any concerns. I never felt rushed or put off from him or anyone in his office. I had very special circumstances that made other Doctors turn me away. All Dr True cared about was that I was in so much pain and needed to have the surgery. It went unbelievably well. I recommend him to everyone in need.

~ Jackie J ~


Comments: From the first time I met Dr. True until the last visit, which was my post-operation visit, he's been kind, knowledgeable, honest, straightforward, and thorough. Dr. True takes the doctor/patient relationship seriously and I've never had any issues. He did my hip replacement and did it very well. He walked me through every aspect of the procedure, and answer any questions with grace. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an orthopedist.

~ Rob in Loveland, OH ~

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